WhatsApp Web vs. Amazon Chime – A New Competitor Enters the Market

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Messaging giants such as WhatsApp are going to get a run down for their money as a new contender enters the market with supremacy on its mind. People should not that Amazon has launched their brand new messaging software called Amazon Chime.

This app serves for video and conference calling and can boast the same functionality as Microsoft’s Skype as they are extremely similar. What makes it compete against the Facebook-owned company is the fact that it has the support for sending and receiving a wide array of files.

Amazon has stated that their new Chime software will make communication between individuals in a working environment extremely easy as it is specifically tailored to be used in an office environment. The service will be able to perform video calls, VOIP calls as well as instant messaging and screen sharing options.

The Amazon-developed app is available on almost all platforms including the likes of the popular Android, iOS, Mac as well as Windows. The guys from Amazon have specifically crafted the piece of software in order for it to be used on mobile devices as it has proved to function perfectly on smartphones and not only does it enable users to stay in contact with each other but it also scores big in terms of functionality and productivity as file sharing has never been easier.

Amazon Chime will enable anyone who uses the software to make conference calls with a single tap or a click and as much as 16 people are supported within single conference calls when issued on a desktop device. The same option is limited to only 8 people when such calls are made from mobile devices.

The people behind Chime have put an extreme emphasis on security features as their messages are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. The visual roster is extremely intuitive and convenient as it displays everyone who has joined a meeting and speaking of meetings, they also have the option of being locked in order for only authorized people to be able to join them.

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