Waze Useful Tricks to Make it a Better App

There are many great things about the times we live in. It would be highly impractical to enumerate them all now, but some of them are really obvious like medicine and treatments, better living conditions and all around a higher quality of life. Such is also the case with applications like Waze which throw the traditional paper map right out the window and give drivers a great tool to navigate unfamiliar roads and territories.  There is no denying that Waze and other similar apps do a fine job in getting people out of jams, or prevent them from getting into one in the first place.

Below, we will explore some of the possibilities that come into play with Waze and how you can make some fine tweaks to the app so that you get a lot more out of it.

  • You can find gas stations with Waze

If you’ve installed the app, you’ve probably seen that you have a search bar function available. Of course, this is used to search for locations and different places where you might want or need to go. But there are a lot of people that don’t know this: You can use the search box to find gas stations near you. You can do this by typing out “Gas stations & prices”. This will bring up information on where the nearest gas station is, as well as what the current price is.

  • Route personalization

Waze will generally come up with a route that will take you from your location to your destination. While it is intended to make the best decision and provide you with a competent solution, it sometimes gives you one that isn’t exactly how you would have preferred. What we mean by that is that a lot of drivers want to get the best route based on how short it is in terms of distance. Others might want to have routes measured by time. If you want to change the way Waze calculates your routes, you can do so by going in the Settings section and accessing Navigation. You can also dabble with some interesting settings such as if you want or do not want routes to take into consideration toll roads or even dirt roads.

  • Frequent miles

If you are making a trip very often and find yourself searching for the same thing on Waze, spare yourself the inconvenience and set that location as a favorite. On the left side you will find an option that will let you add locations as you search for them, under Favorite Places.

  • Simplify what’s displayed onscreen

One of the cool things about Waze is that it offers information on a lot of different things. One of the annoying things about it at times, is also that it offers information on a lot of different things. If you want your screen to display the core aspects  only or just cut out a specific element you don’t need ( like traffic jams, police, Wazers, or anything else), you can do so. Just access the Settings and then tap Display Settings. Here, you want to go to the Show on Map category.

  • Use the Send feature

The Send feature is great for when you and another person are tied by a common destination. You can give your friends information about a certain location by searching for it in the app then using the Send feature. It will give them all the details so that you don’t have to sit on the phone for an hour trying to explain to them where to turn left. Additionally, if they’re already there and you are on your way to join them, you can send them an ETA so that they know how much waiting they have to buckle in for.

In conclusion, there are plenty of things you can do to add more dynamic to Waze and to how you interact with Waze on your journeys. No matter how much you travel and if you get to see the road every day or just on the weekends, Waze can help you make the best out of every run. By making these fine adjustments, you can personalize Waze to be more in tune with your style and make it a much more fun and useful app.

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