WhatsApp Comes With New And Improved Statuses For More Chat Control

The Facebook-owned company has managed to post their first “Status” update and it comes with a great deal of enjoyment in fans as it offers those who use the popular messaging app the ability to gain even more control to their chat function. The company is working towards the goal of conferring its users more options when it comes to staying in touch from whatever corner of the world.

There have been some rumors about four months ago that WhatsApp is working on a disappearing status feature and now the popular app has posted a list of updates which will familiarize users to the possibilities of “WhatsApp Status”.

Statuses work on the app on both iOS and Android platforms as well as Windows Phone. There is no further news about those who use the popular apps on Web or Desktop versions but expect some updates to come in the shortest amount of time.

WhatsApp has announced six updates which go in further detail concerning their disappearing statuses function and they have given users the option to tap their chats to move to the next status whilst still being able to edit and post media files and convey them the Status option.

Not only will users be able to share their highlights extremely easy with individual contacts or groups of people but they are in total control when it comes to privacy settings as they can set whether or not their statuses can be public or hidden from certain contacts.

This feature is looking to compete with Snapchat, their main competitor thus trying to dethrone them in terms of user base and popularity. Not only is WhatsApp trying to gain supremacy in terms of messaging apps but they have reported that they are also working on a newly designed user interface which will change the way in which conversations are presented.

Some other features which are now being worked on are a quick camera tab and a Floating Action Button specifically designed for those who are using the popular app on Android platforms.

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