Fallout 4 update for PS4 Pro has been released

A new update has been released to implement the official PS4 Pro support and to also bring a range of minor fixes to the game. Update 1.9 is the latest update for Fallout 4 on consoles and it’s brought support for the PS4 Pro however, it seems to be bad news for mod lovers.

Mods have been limited for Xbox One and PS4 to ensure the game remains stable and now a cap has been placed on the system. Players can now have up to 150 mods on Xbox One and only 100 for the PS4. The platforms now have a size limit placed on them also that prevent players from going over that amount of extra room. However if players reach the mod limit and still have room left over, they cannot add more mods.

This decision has been made to ensure these versions of the game remain stable and has been done to ensure there’s a good balance between customization and stability. While mods are currently limited on the console platforms, there should be plenty of customization room on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

This new cap doesn’t impact how the mod library works, it just places restrictions on how many mods players can have running at once. Mods can be disabled in the library and players will be able to reconfigure the mods they have active at any point in the game.

The 1.9 update has also arrived with the ability to filter modes by the highest rating to provide players with an easier way to find quality mods on PS4 and Xbox One. Its also arrived with the PS4 Pro patch which allows the game to be played at the native 4K resolution of the console.

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