Google Play Store Update Includes My Apps Layout Makeover

For Android users, Google Play Store is one of the most significant apps on their smartphones. While there are also some flaws, Google continuous to improve its app store via updates with added features and changes.

A couple of years ago, minimum app pricing was lowered in about 17 countries and changes were made on user interface. In the recent update, there had been improvements on “My Apps” layout, in terms of sorting the apps.

Prior to the update, the way to check on the installed and downloaded apps on the device is to open the two tabs, which are All tabs and Installed. After the update, users can now see what apps need to be update, the file size, time and date of publication. This improvement has made it possible to update apps immediately by simply pressing the “Update” button. Users can also then leave the page and do other things on their devices like play a game, read emails or search the internet while update is ongoing.

Moreover, there were also some improvements on the Installed Tab which include giving the users options on how they want to sort the apps. This can be by size, last update, alphabetical arrangement and the last time the user used the app. Another tweak is on the installed apps. With the update, it is now possible to launch these apps from the Installed Tab directly with a click on the new Open icon. This lessens the time, in such a way that there is no need to go back to the Google Play Store page.

Other new features are the last used Time Stamp and theComplete Apps Size which smartphone users will find very helpful and convenient ,especially those who are not too techie when it comes to devices.

As Google Play Store receives the latest improvements and fixes, this will be a win-win situation from both the company and Play Store fans.

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