Mozilla Firefox Update – Safely Do It Manually or Automatically

Updating Mozilla Firefox can be done automatically or manually. Those who want to do it automatically can set it up starting from the menu button. This menu button is located on the upper right corner of the browser. Here are steps on how to set your browser to update whenever new versions would come up.

  • You need to choose Options > Advanced then choose the Update tab.
  • You can select from the options to update the browser to the latest version or not, namely: Automatically Install Updates, Check for Updates, but let me choose whether to install them, Never check for updates
  • You may check or uncheck the option to Use a background service to install updates if you would want to.

If you have recently installed Firefox, you may already have the browser set by default to update automatically. Alternatively, you can always update via manual procedure. Here are steps that you can easily follow.

  • Again, you can check out the menu button at the upper right corner of the browser and click Help and select About Firefox.
  • At this point, Firefox will begin to check for updates and download them automatically.
  • Upon knowing that updates are already installed, you can click the Restart Firefox to Update.

Take note that if the update didn’t start, didn’t complete or experiencing some problems, you can always download and install the latest Firefox version. However, it is important to download only from the official Mozilla Firefox link:, in order to avoid installing malware on your system.

If you haven’t used Firefox on your computer yet, you can always download and install the latest version of Firefox from any browser. Simply click on the Free Download link or button to automatically download the installer. This will lead you to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox update on your system for free.

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