Pokemon Go Update New Gen 2 Pokemon Causing Serious Trouble

Niantic has just introduced a new gen 2 Pocket Monster in the latest Pokemon Go update, which seems to be causing serious problems. Android and iOS users have noticed that if they try to catch it in the wild, their supplies are drained fast.

Currently, players who will try to catch Togetic in the wild will have a hard time, because if they don’t react fast, the Pokemon will run away. And when they use huge amounts of Ultra Balls and berries to lure flying-fairy type, they see it vanishing and get frustrated.

The difficulty in catching new gen 2 Pokemon may have something to do with the code surrounding the Pocket Monster, because players have reported that they tried to catch Togetic 20 times, and every time they were close to succeeding, the monster wandered off. “Why Togetic sucks to catch? I wasted 15 pokeball, great ball, ultra ball and loads of berries still no success,” said one fan, while another added that “This is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, I tried to catch one but it’s like trying to get a Gengar, Lapras and Dragonite.”

Niantic has brought 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon in the latest update, and it seems that there are problems only with Togetic’s catch rate in the wild, which is 1%, regardless of the ball or berry players use. Some of them have wasted their entire supply of Ultras in vain, and they were advised to just find a Togepi and evolve it.

Togetic is one of the rare Pokemon that was just added in the recent Gen 2 update, but players are also experiencing difficulties in snapping up Evolution Items. Some player got really frustrated after he tried spinning a group of Poke Stops over 200 times, but he didn’t get any special items, which are needed for: turning Seadra into a Kingdra, evolving Poliwhirl into a Politoed, changing Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor, transforming Gloom into Bellossom and changing Porygon for a Porygon 2.

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