The Sims 4 upcoming update

New rumors are rising around The Sims 4 as new game files have been discovered by the players in the Sims Community website. The new game files show that players can expect to see a Pets expansion coming very soon.

The latest discovery shows that The Sims 4 Pets will contain more options than the previous games in regards to creating a pet. According to the information discovered, players will be able to customize their pets by selecting between a range of body parts. It looks as though players will be able to adjust: ears, tails, fur ears, fur tail and the fur body.

While other lines of coding haven’t been discovered yet, it’s thought that there will be more customization options in the full expansion when its released later this year. The “Create A Pet” section in the upcoming DLC will allow players to fully customize their pets. The lines of code that were discovered are only in their early stages so it’s possible that EA will add more features to the system.

According to the current lines of coding, the DLC will only feature dogs and cats. There was no sign of information relating to horses so it looks as though they won’t be featured in the new expansion. Some lines in the coding does suggest that horses could be added to the game however.

It’s been confirmed that the files show different dog breeds and are split into different categories. There seems to be “small” and “large” dogs mentioned in the coding in addition to four small breeds for dogs. It looks as though there are two breeds for cats and there will be less variation in cat breeds and appearances.

EA hasn’t confirmed this expansion yet and they’re expected to release more information over the next few months.

  1. I loved birds in the Sims 3 pets… Hope we can have those back again! I recently opened TS3 and was really nostalgic for all the stuff there was to do, and miss having birds in my selfsims’ house!

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