Tips on How to Speed up Your PC

Maintaining a clean computer is as important as maintaining a clean house or a clean car. Depending on how much you use a computer, it can become very important that you have your files organized and that you won’t boot up an incredibly cluttered system. Having a very cluttered PC that is full of junk and unnecessary files clogging up partitions or tasks that hog all the resources is obviously highly detrimental to the overall wellness of your setup.

As you spend more time on the computer and see how things go, you pick up a few tricks that let you stay a little more organize by cleaning up after yourself and not having to deal with a huge mess in the aftermath. However, many people aren’t tech savvy enough to pay attention to these little tricks, or just aren’t that experienced with a computer. For people that find themselves in these situations or any other which prevents them from having a nice and tidy PC, Microsoft has come out with some useful tips and tricks on how to better manage your digital workstation.

OneDrive Cloud storage

There would surely be a lot less clutter on your device if you would store the majority of your files and overall data on a cloud service. Be it OneDrive or another one of your choosing, storing on cloud lets you take a lot of stress off of your computer and gives you a nice personal space online where you can have personal files stored for safekeeping.

Do a regular check-up

Performance decrease can be caused by a lot of things. Aside from having a lot of junk and clutter throughout your system, you might also be experiencing the effects of an outdated system. You should regularly perform a driver check to ensure that you have the latest software for your hardware.


If you don’t know anything about computers, it’s all just a matter of memorizing solutions for your problems. However, if you take some time to familiarize yourself with the different names and functions of the things you interact with when using a computers, you will find it a lot easier to solve problems. It’s all about knowing how things work. If you know how it works, you will know why it suddenly stopped working.

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