Valve likes to tease Half Life 3

Valve hosted a roundtable event at their HQ last week and the rumors about Half Life 3 were sparked once again by a single image. During the event, an image of a woman playing with a HTC Vive was released with a suspicious icon in the background.

This icon seemed to be for Half Life 3 as it used the classic logo with a “3” attached to it. It sparked a new wave of people discussing the potential ‘upcoming’ game but Valve has now confirmed this was a hoax.

According to communications specialist Greg Coomer, told VentureBeat [1] that these “icons have floated around the office for quite a while”. Gabe Newell also commented on this image by stating that “some of the more childish members” of their company liked to tease the game and had worn “Half-Life 3 t-shirts to GDC”.

While it looks as though Half-Life 3 won’t be coming anytime soon, Valve did announce that they’re working on three VR games. No details about these games are available right now but previous Half Life 3 rumors stated that Valve would be looking to support VR with the next game.

This doesn’t confirm Half-Life 3 but could suggest that Valve is creating a new game set in the popular Half-Life universe. These upcoming VR games will be full games and not experiments so Valve could be working on some very interesting projects right now.

Valve is yet to confirm if one of these games is set in the Half-Life universe as it’s possible these games could be set in other popular universes such as Portal. More information about these three VR games will be released later this year. It’s possible that Valve will reveal them at the PC Gamer show during E3 in June.

Venturebeat [1]

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