WhatsApp Feature brings Snapchat Stories-like capability to iOS devices

If you are someone who enjoys spending time on instant messaging/ social media-like platforms on your mobile device, there’s a chance you might have all of the popular ones installed. But you also might have not consciously acknowledged the fact that all these services are in a constant battle for supremacy. The instant communications mobile app business is one that generates literally billions of dollars, so being on top of the food chain has its perks, if you could say that.

The latest attempt of keeping all its users happy comes from WhatsApp. It would seem that the service which was purchased by Facebook a couple of years ago wants to come out with a new feature that resembles one already available on Snapchat. If you use Snapchat and Snapchat Stories in particular, you might find this feature a tad familiar. In a similar matter, WhatsApp will now allow users to have pictures and video on their status page. This is done similarly to how you can use Snapchat Stories and then it disappears after a day.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp is emulating one of its competitors, in the hopes of getting more market shares. Facebook is clearly aiming on monopolizing the industry by providing all the features its competitors are providing, and more. This would be a solid way to have more people drop other apps in favor of yours.

While the feature is not on live yet, its contents have been leaked online recently, through a picture that describes it. According to the leaked image, this new feature will only be available for iOS devices. It is yet unknown whether this is just a temporary situation or iOS handsets will continue to be the sole beneficiary of this feature long after its release. Completely dropping Android for this new feature wouldn’t be a very good business approach, so it is highly unlikely that a company like Facebook would take this route.

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