Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Feature Allows Synching Content

If you are not familiar with Windows 10 Microsoft Edge, you would probably think it the name of a new phone model. But for most users, they know that this is the successor of the Internet Explorer, the browser for Windows that we have been using for years.

When Windows 10 was launched in 2015, it came with a brand new web browser, the Microsoft Edge. While Internet Explorer was still there, the Edge was already the default browser. And it did come with new features.

These include Cortana, the Microsoft Assistant which was located in the address bar of the browser, the built-in Reading List feature and the web notes, among others. Fast forward to almost two years, there is something new to expect from Microsoft Edge.

Now, it is possible to sync your data with other Windows 10 devices and it is easy by following simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your Microsoft account on the devices you will sync. After doing so, you can continue with the process which includes:

  1. Launching Microsoft Edge and turning on “Sync your favorites and reading list” in the Account section.
  1. Launching Edge on the other device and opening Settings on the Account section and turning on the “sync favorites” option.
  1. Turning on the “Sync settings” switch as the Settings app opens to Accounts>Sync your settings section.
  1. Choosing the individual settings you intend to sync between your devices.

See to it that if you are using Windows Phone on Windows 10 Mobile, you will launch Edge, go to Settings and from the scroll bar, turn on the switch for Sync your content. You also need to restart both devices to start synchronizing your content.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge download is now available with security updates.

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