Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 to Ease Your Work

It is widely considered that Android is the most popular platform for mobile devices just how Windows is considered the top solution for computers. In this context, there are a lot of people that use both, only for different things. Is there a particular Android game you wish you could be able to play on your computer? Or is there an app you frequently use and thought it would make your life so much easier if it was on Windows as well? The answer for you might lie with one of the numerous Android emulators that Windows 10 users can access on their computers. Let’s see what they’re about and maybe you’ll find something that suits your needs.


Droid4X is one of the newer solutions you can get. That isn’t something that stands in the way of it providing great service however. The emulator comes with a Play Store that mimic the one Google offers on the real deal, and even incorporates support for addons, which is pretty cool. Users are able to use applications on their computers and can even download an app on their phones which will let you control games on your computer screen, directly from your mobile phone.


With full support for the Android Play Store, Windroy is a great choice for an Android emulator. In contrast with the other emulators, this one runs using the Windows kernel. In addition it is also very light and features a minimalistic, simple design. These are qualities a lot of people might be interested in, although there are also users that prefer something to be as “bling”ed as possible.


BlueStacks is an alternative to Droid4X and it specializes in Android games. If you want to play a specific Android gaming title on your PC then BlueStacks is the guy you want to talk to. The premium version is $2 per month, but if you are not annoyed by bloatwere being installed on your computer you can go for the free version.


This one will work for more than just games at a more than decent capacity, and it won’t require you to pay a subscription. It will however require a flat fee of $15 or $10. Why are there two prices? Because there are two versions of the emulator you can get. They are powered by Android Lollipop and Android JellyBean respectively.

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