GTA 6 for 2018 – Compelling Argument Coming from Experts

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most beloved video game franchises ever created. Ever since its inception as a 2D game that had an “over the head” perspective, GTA has been the subject of equal praise and prejudice. Often times at the receiving and of harsh criticism for its inclination towards violence and gore has made Rockstar, the game’s developer, a constant target for complaints coming from unhappy parents. Just as an example, one of the most iconic things people associate with GTA is running over a prostitute with your car. While you let that sink in, it’s worth noting that GTA 5, the latest released iteration of the franchise, has been deemed as being the most successful version of GTA ever.

That’s from a financial perspective, at least. As many would argue that the success of GTA 5 over titles like GTA San Andreas or GTA Vice City is a matter of preference. Speaking of GTA titles, new rumors have been surfacing lately about the much debated GTA 6.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

That’s a question many people would pay good money to pay for. Funny enough, even money they don’t have. All just to get a bit of information about the next glorious chapter in the game’s story will finally be released to the eager public.

Some enthusiastic speculators have come up with a theory that we might see GTA 6 launch sometime during 2018. Does that seem a bit random? They also have a reasoning behind this deduction. According to fans, Rockstar might be modifying its 4 year release pattern to be a 5 year pattern. If you take a  closer look at all the release dates, you will see that every GTA  installment comes 4 years after the previous one. That is, of course, excluding GTA 5 which came 5 years after GTA 4.

New hope

Many believe that since there are very slim chances of seeing any GTA 6 related news come from Rockstar this year considering their Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement and launch preparation, we could see a return next year. There have already been voices hinting that Rockstar might make GTA its priority once again after it’s done with RDR 2, so that would be just in time for 2018 when the 5 year requirement between launches would also be met.

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