Microsoft Changes Leaked Ahead of Creators Update Launch

The software tech giant Microsoft have been noticed in the past that they have made some design changes to their software which have not seen too much acclaim from their fans such as the design to Windows Vista as well as Windows 8. Windows 10 is set to receive the same treatment from Microsoft as some leaks emerged online for their next big update entitled Project NEON. Windows borders are now subject to change as they are to be entirely cut off.

Windows fans are to experience some changes in design and might cause a little bit of confusion among those who opt to mingle with the interface in order to move the windows around as the mouse cursor will not have a place to be put. The taskbar is to be subject to change as well in terms of it being changed to a white background and feature a black text overlay.

When it comes to the colors show on the taskbar, they have been removed as well. Taking into account the fact that Project NEON is still in its development stages, it is highly unlikely that it is going to make its appearance before the Creators Update but we can only hope for Microsoft to make an announcement regarding their new build.

The tech giant has announced that they have purchased Wiki by Agile Extensions for Visual Studio Team Services which will enable Microsoft developers to easily integrate Markdown-friendly wikis to a lot of projects. This decision was made on a long-term basis and will plan to build the Wiki experience for Team Services instead of requiring people to install an extension.

Cortana is also going to undergo some changes as it is now able to suggest reminders. This feature will keep track of items such as specific deadlines in an email and will suggest setting up a reminder which is solely based to the data written in that certain email. The whole action is performed via the Action Center.

Using machine learning technology which was developed in partnership with Microsoft Research, Cortana will figure out on itself how committed one is to an email and will automatically set a reminder when a certain task is due for being completed.

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