Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation and Xbox – Which One Will Survive?

With a 2016 full of gaming events, we now look forward to what 2017 has to offer. The future is bright, with the release of multiple consoles and an overall rich selection of platforms for users to choose from. The spotlight is currently hogged by Nintendo’s Switch console, which promises to bring some classic Nintendo vibes that can rival the power and performance of the latest Xbox and PS versions. Many are curious whether Switch is capable of such a task, so we’re going to look at what it can offer and if it will be enough against the likes of Microsoft and Sony aiming to monopolize the console market for themselves.


Nintendo hasn’t provided a lot of firepower in the past, so fans are a bit reluctant to jump ahead of knowing what’s inside the new device. While Nintendo retained its right to keep the specs under wraps for the time being, EuroGamer has been able to report that we might see Switch get processor support from the Tegra X1 chip. This is a Cortex A57 chip that uses a 20 nm architecture. The NVIDIA offering will be potentially coupled with another NVIDIA (SHIELD) spec, the Maxwell SoC GPU.

This would put Switch at a clock speed of around 1.9 GHz, just a bit behind the PS4 2.1 GHz frequency. Those are good news for Nintendo fans, as it means that Switch might be able to go toe to toe with the PS4.


This is a department where Switch might be destined to fail. While every tech manufacturer out there, including its console competitors are striving to bring 4K support, Switch decided to pass on 4K and just stick with regular full HD. This can be a large detriment to its overall selling capability and how marketable it is.


This is where the Nintendo device truly shines. It comes with a unique control scheme that moves away slightly from the traditional controller or gamepad setup. As many of you might know, Nintendo Switch comes as a living room console that can be undocked and used as a mobile console. The edges of the controller come off and can be attached to the mini-Switch or used unattached, giving players multiple options of controlling the game.

That being said, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo can lift their head above the sea of PS4 and Xbox One/Scorpio fans, and see its new creation thrive.

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