Skype Update Download Available for iOS and Android

As it seems, Microsoft is eager to make Skype even more popular by adding some interesting features and functionalities. On February 16 the tech giant announced that they will be bringing a slew of new features for the Android and iOS users who are enrolled in the Skype Insider Program. The company made public the information that they will bring 4 innovative ways to allow users to express their personality.

The four new features refer to find panel, integrated camera, in-call reactions and messaging reactions. However, the beta update addresses for now only the Android and iOS users. The main feature included in the beta version is the integrated camera, or the in-app camera. You can access it with a simple swipe to the left on your phone while you are in the app.

Another important feature that is going to be included in the update is the “in-call reactions” one. This allows you to add emoticons and pictures taken in real time during a video call. Up until now, you could only add emoticons in text messages, but it seems that Microsoft discovered a way to integrate them into video calls too.

The “find panel” feature may actually be the most important one in the update. It lets you look for links, videos, pieces of news, pictures and many other things right from inside the app. With this, it becomes much easier to share whatever you want with your contacts.

The Skype 8.0 version can be seen as a preview in the Insider Program. Skype Preview is accessible for Android users in the Google Play Store app. However, Apple users have to apply and enroll in the Skype Insider Program for iOS, and only then can download the version from TestFlight. However, there might still be some errors, since this is just the beta version.

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