Understanding Google Play Store APK Update

Google Play Store is an integral part of Google and is one of the most important apps you should have on your device. But why should you download Google Play Store if you still do not have one on your device?  Well, this some sort of a hub where all kinds of apps can be downloaded and installed. Just as Apple has the App Store, Google has Play Store.

For Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, what you need is Google Play APK version. APK or Android application package is a file format that works similarly with .exe on your Windows PC. This is also what you use to install Google Play Store manually, say, if you want to downgrade to an older Play Store version or reinstall the app if you have accidentally uninstalled it.

Google Play Store comes with APK updates regularly, with the second to the last version, released on the 3rd week of January, Play Store 7.4.12.L. The latest updated version was released on February 4, Play Store APKv 7.5.08.M. It has a download file size of 17.1 MB.

There have been previous Play Store APK versions, to date, around 11, including the latest version. The update last September 20, 2016, Play Store APK version was APKv 7.0.12.H. While there are not really many changes in updates except for bug fixes, the general features of Play Store include access to all the apps available from Google Play Store, apps and games purchase, access to eBooks and latest music as well as available best deals.

Google release Play Store updates regularly to ensure the app shows excellent performance and better stability. Moreover, updates do not require any changelogs and it can be done directly from Google Play Store or APKMirror. There are also other sources that offer Play Store APK downloads but it is utterly important to only use reliable and trusted ones.

Now that you know the importance of a Google Play Store APK download, your next step is to check if you already have the latest version on your device.

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