Antivirus for Mac – Does Your Computer Really Need This?

You might be confused if a Mac or any other Apple devices ever get viruses or malware. Well, they do and here are some reasons why they need antivirus after all.

Reasons Why Mac Needs Antivirus Software

First off, Macs might be more secure in comparison to the PCs. Since Macs are based on the Unix OS, it is sandboxed. For this reason, these devices are protected just like having a number of fire doors. So, even if malware would enter or gain access to your device, it would not go to the center. However, they are also hackable, but not that easy compared to the PC.

Secondly, due to small number of Mac users out there, it would mean that there are fewer targets and it would be a lot harder to hack. Therefore, it would give more possibilities for the hackers to focus on the Windows PC instead. Since malware is used to make money these days, it doesn’t mean that they have to work hard just to get what they want. Therefore, it is in their priority to pick the lowest hanging fruit or the most vulnerable unit to attack.

Best Antivirus for Your Mac

According to sources, here are the best antivirus software for your Mac. First is the Bitdefender Antivirus, which is the best Mac antivirus product in terms of malware detection. It would make it easy to start on-demand scans just by putting the Scan front and the center in the interface.

Another antivirus for Mac on the lineup is the Sophos Home for Mac. This is known as the unobtrusive interface with lower impact on system performance. In fact, the parental control would be somewhat useful for those with young children at home. This is because it would allow parents to have remote scans, checks, and blocks potentially harmful or explicit sites by category.

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