Downloading and Installing Mobile Apps on iOS and Android – A Guide for Beginners

Mobile apps are at the core of mobile devices. Without apps, mobile devices wouldn’t be nearly as flashy and appealing as they appear to be today. That being said, many people are just using the base applications that come with their phones because they don’t know how to get more. In this article, we’ll show unsure smartphone users just how easy installing a brand new app is. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, getting new apps installed is a breeze and will make your device ten times richer and more useful.

The process is fairly similar on both platforms, so we’re going to generalize a bit. Keeping that in mind, this will works just about the same on both the App Store and the Play Store, so if you’re using one of the two, you’re all set.

Accessing the marketplace

Each platform has its own marketplace which can be accesses by users. The marketplace is where all the apps are uploaded to by developers, and where users can download them from. Google’s Android uses the Google Play Store whereas Apple operates through its App Store.

To access this app store, you will need to tap the appropriate app icon on your phone. Just navigate through your app drawer until you see the Play Store or App Store app. Once you tap it, it will redirect you to a new page where your journey begins.

Browsing the store

Once you open your platform’s app store, you will see that there are multiple categories. You can either check out the apps in predetermined categories like “New”, “What’s Hot”, “Free”, etc., as well as the individual categories for app types (educational, games, utility, etc). Additionally, you can use the search bar to directly search for a particular app that you’re interested in. This will take you to a search result section where you can browse through the different answers to your query.

Downloading and installing

Once you find an app that appeals to you, you can tap on its icon to open up the app page. Here, information is displayed about the application in question, and you can read up on what the app is all about. When you feel like you’ve read enough to make you want to install it, tap the big button that at the top which will download the app and install it. In the process, an app shortcut icon will be placed on your device’s home screen. That’s about it. The app is now ready to roll and installed on your device. You can do this with as many apps as your phone’s memory will allow it.

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