Fake Saving Battery Android App Hides Malware That Steals Data

Google guarantees that all applications uploaded to the Play Store are verified, and users are advised to download them only from the official Android store, because they don’t hide malware. It seems that there’s a fake Saving Battery app known as Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI that once it gets installed on a device, it allows more malware to be downloaded to it.

Users who don’t listen to warnings and still visit dubious websites, they risk downloading viruses and they either compromise their devices or let hackers steal data, such as passwords, bank accounts or even indecent photos. It’s also important to ignore those pop-ups that suggest updating a certain application, such as Adobe Flash Player, when visiting websites with adult content, because they most likely are an open door to malware.

If naive users click OK, they see a realistic Adobe Flash Player update screen which asks them to confirm the update. In that moment, another realistic Android pop-up alert screen appears, which claims that there is “Too much consumption of energy” and asks users to turn on the Saving Battery app. Once this step is taken, the Trojan is given permission to do what is programmed to do and it starts installing banking malware or stealing data, without the user even realizing it.

If users deny access to the service, they are caught in an endless loop of pop-up screens telling them to enable Saving Battery, so under no circumstances they should grant administrator rights, because multiple malware apps will be installed on the device. And the only way to remove them is by doing a factory reset or installing a reliable mobile security app.

But, the best way to be protected is to not visit Adult websites on a device that doesn’t have an antivirus program installed on it. And if they still visit them and are asked to install the latest Adobe Flash Player Update to view content, they shouldn’t click on those pop-us.

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