Google Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail – Comparing the king of old and the ruler of the present

Choosing an email platform is a pretty important decision especially if you are well within the business district of the internet users. Being comfortable and satisfied with what your email platform has to offer is very important because it will allow you to familiarize yourself with it and have a higher efficiency in the long run. There are multiple email services available, and today we are looking at an interesting dispute. In one corner, we have Yahoo Mail, which one of the OGs of emailing. From way back in the day, Yahoo was the way to go when it came to emails. However, times change, and now most people favor the new knight in shiny armor, Gmail from Google.

The latter has left quite an impression on people since its release, and many deem it as being the best email service available. But are there still people that consider the veteran Yahoo superior? Let’s see how they both faire in various departments and maybe you’ll have an easier time choosing for yourself.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a crucial factor in today’s communications. This is because we live in a time when speed means everything, and people want the newest, fastest way to get something done. Gmail incorporates this element seamlessly into its platform, and Gmail users can instantly open up an instant chat with one of their contacts. Yahoo on the other hand is a bit slower, and requires users to open a completely new window for the chat service which is separated from the email platform.

Attachment handling

Handling attachments on Google’s service is a lot easier than on Yahoo, simply because it allows you to do things faster and cleaner. On the latter, you require a new attachment box after the first 5 attached files to an email. That’s not the case with Gmail, which allows you to seamlessly add and send attachments. Not to mention Gmail has a 20 MB cap on attachment size, whereas Yahoo has a 10 MB cap.

Folder management

Folders can play an important part in emailing, or absolutely none. That being said, if you’re the kind of person that uses a lot of folders and wants them neatly organized and tuned to specifically serve your needs, Yahoo might have the edge here. Gmail just can’t compete in this department, despite its label system.

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