GTA 5 Online Update Brought New Content For PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rockstar has just release a new update for GTA 5 Online, which is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and, at the same time, Open IV has revealed more information about the Liberty City map mod expansion project. It seems that two new maps have been added to an Adversary Mode.

Rockstar has revealed in a blog spot that players can take advantage of Double GTA$ & RP in “Till Death Do Us Part”, where there are some romantic regions in Legion Square and La Puerta. The game published has explained that players will need to stick by each others, for quicker health regeneration, and to watch out for their partner’s back, because if one dies, the other will die too.

“In addition, other 2v2 modes like Hasta La Vista, Relay and Offense Defense are getting some Double GTA$ & RP love, giving you and yours a bevy of modes to dive into this Valentine’s Day,” said Rockstar. Players will also get new bonuses, as until February 27, they will earn 25% more GTA$ on all Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries.

In addition, there will be all kinds of important discounts and deals, such as:

– 50% off Assistant Services and 25% off the: Be My Valentine Clothing, Albany Roosevelt & Albany Roosevelt Valor, Gusenberg Sweeper, Import/Export Tattoos, Benny’s Upgrades and Ocelot Penetrator.

Most likely, Rockstar will bring more content in March. On the other hand, Open IV has prepared a big update on the new Liberty City map mod, which will need to load in a copy of GTA IV players already own, in order to make it possible to add new landmass. Software engineer Yuriy Krivouchko and the guys at Open IV don’t want to have any legal issues with Rockstar, but all they’re trying to do release high quality content to players who prefer mods.

“People will be able to expand Liberty City with their own content and maybe even some missions or activities. Also, I hope the ability to have both maps in one game will open new possibilities for GTA video creators,” said Krivouchko.

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