iPhone 7 and 7S Jailbreak for iOS 10.2, Luca Todesco calls it quits

The arrival of a Jailbreak solution for iOS 10.2 brought with it a sense of relief among the iPhone users from Apple’s smartphone community. However, it was pretty quickly made apparent that it wasn’t all rainbows. As quick as it came, the happiness felt by iPhone 7 and 7S users receded as there was no support for their models included.

There was quite a significant amount of backlash as a result of hacker Luca Todesco releasing the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak tool without support for Apple’s most recent two iPhone models. After recently being the victim of another series of attacks, he took to Twitter to voice his own complaints regarding the community.

According to him, the fact that the new jailbreaking tool doesn’t include support for iPhone 7 and 7S has a reason behind it. A user even went as far as to call Luca Todesco lazy. He replied by implying that that person had no idea what he was talking about, and that there are a lot of ramifications to developing the jailbreaking software. The kind of implications various changes made can hold in the grand scheme of things can be quite perplexing for many.

Not only did Luca Todesco admit he was unable to bring the tool to the latest iPhones, he also hinted that there isn’t one coming. Not any time soon, but all. This is because the latest iPhones and the latest OS version which is 10.2 just don’t make a good team together. And by team we mean an environment in which Luca Todesco or other hackers can come up with a solution for the Jailbreak service.

Luca Todesco also announced several times in the past that he wouldn’t be releasing any more Jailbreak versions after this one. He hasn’t been to keen on the concept before either, but he has made it known that this would be his last endeavor.

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