What Will the Next iPhone bring?

Even though we are not going to get the announcement for iPhone 8 until September this year, these days we get to see lots of rumors about the device. And from what we can tell, the screen will be the main attraction. According to the rumors, Apple plans to release three new products: 2 version for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, plus a completely new high-end device whose price might surpass the $1,000 threshold. As it seems until now, the rumors seem to refer to the iPhone Pro model, which is how it’s been dubbed by fans.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a famous analyst for Apple’s moves and who works at KGI Securities, the upcoming iPhone model might show a 5.8 inches OLED display. The paradox here is the fact that the overall size of the device will not be more than the one present on the iPhone 7. For this, the tech giant will cut out the bezel around the actual screen, so most of the surface will be taken up by the display.

There will still be some space left at the bottom of the device for the virtual buttons, mostly like a Touch Bar designed for the iPhone. The main button will be the home one, but there will also be others present, depending on what apps you are using, such as media buttons in Music or picking photos buttons for Messages.

AppleInsider reported that the company found a way to make the fingerprint sensor integrated within the screen. As such, it seems that they will not place it on the back, like most Android smartphone manufacturers choose. Moreover, they intend to make the screen taller than they did with the previous models, which means that the upcoming device will be easier to be held in one hand.

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