Google Maps Download: Where Can You Get the App?

There is no question that Google Maps has made travel and any other task requiring the need of maps easier. While GPS devices still exist to get us from one destination to the next, those who don’t want to buy extra gear can just stick with their smartphone and fire up Maps just as long as there is an internet connection. Maps has replaced guide books as a source of must-see destinations and it even allowed us to “travel” without actually leaving our couches.

Recently, Maps seems to have gone the social route by introducing a Lists feature which allows users to create lists of destinations which they can share with friends or family members.

With so many features that make life easier, Google Maps is one of the apps you should have on your smartphone. So where can you download the app?

Android Users

Owners of Android smartphones are pretty lucky as Maps is the default navigation app on their devices. If it’s not there or has been deleted to make way for other apps, you can always download it from the Google Play Store. Just search for Maps and click on Install to get it on your device.

Alternatively, you can get an APK – which works like an EXE file – from a trusted source and use that to install the app on your device. This is the preferred option if you don’t want to wait for an updated version to be released over the air. Also, you can do this if you want to downgrade your version of Maps.

iOS Users

Maps used to be the default navigation app on iOS devices, but all that changed when Apple launched their own map service. The good news is that Maps can still be downloaded through the App Store. Just search for it then tap on Get to install the app on your device.

Google Maps has clearly changed the way we use maps but despite its dominance, there are other who prefer to use navigation services from other providers like Waze which functions like a community where things like accidents and objects on the road are reported by users in real time thus warning fellow travelers of what to expect.

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