GTA 6 might come in 2021 according to new clue found in-game

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of our generation, despite there being absolutely no official information on the game. This is originates from the massive success of previous titles, which have paved the way for a huge amount of anticipation coming from the eager community. GTA 5 is reportedly the most successful GTA installment in the franchise’s history, according to multiple sources.

Many are waiting to hear any bit of information regarding the release of this game, and it seems something might have popped up. GTA  5 players have potentially unearthed a clue regarding GTA 6, which comes in the form of an Easter egg which can be found in-game.

According to speculations, there is a door in the airport (in GTA 5) which bears a peculiar number. While one would expect there to be consecutive numbers going from one door to another, this airport had two doors with a pretty distinctive numbering. One held the number 2013, while the other was marked with 2021. Some of you might have already pieced things together by now.

It would be rather strange if that was a random thing, but many now speculate that it was a clever clue. If that is indeed the case, we might see GTA 6 come out sometime during the year of 2021. Also, one might think that investigating the numbers on the other doors would help with getting more of a pattern. However, these two are the only doors there that have numbers on them.

Rockstar announced previously that GTA 6 wouldn’t become a priority for the company until they would be done with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. The iconic western sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption will be coming out during Fall, according to the developer. This means that we can pretty much rule out a GTA 6 release in the near future. The year 2021 also strays a bit from the 4-5 years time lapse between GTA releases, so it will be interesting to see if Rockstar will look to push the launch so that they respect it, or just ignore that unwritten rule.


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