New ‘Status’ Feature with the Latest WhatsApp Update

Now that the 8th anniversary of WhatsApp is coming up, the popular instant messaging app has released new features for its users. The major update includes a new Status feature that makes it more appealing and enticing.

With this update, users will not be able to send video clips and images similar to what SnapChat can do which will also disappear after 24 hours. This feature allows WhatsApp users to broadcast their current status via photos and videos just like in Instagram and as mentioned earlier, SnapChat. Moreover, emojis and annotations using text scribbling can also be added.

This improvement is not only geared towards the average or usual WhatsApp user but also towards businesses to be able to reach their audience without being obnoxious or intrusive. With creative videos and images that tell stories, advertisers will be able to convey their messages without the users thinking of it that way.

With the growing practice of WhatsApp users sharing rich content which includes videos, GIFs and images, being able to share content with people in their contacts in one sweep will be cool and convenient.

While this new feature might be the first, this was actually one of the reasons the popular messaging app has been created, in the first place. Besides, indicating the “status” next to the names of the users is interesting. Moreover, friends will be able to reply by simply tapping the reply button.

But come to think of it, showing others your current status or what you are doing at the moment is perfect for the name of this app, “WhatsApp” since it sounds like “What’s up?”

Other changes include more reliable video calling features and better video downloads. There are also about 100 new emojis to choose from. With the new features of WhatsApp, user experience has never been better.

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