Overcast App for iOS 10 Features New and Interesting Changes

Overcast is becoming more and more popular on iOS operated devices and its essence has remained consistent over the last couple of years but now users are now to find the app with a brand new shape and functions which are specifically designed to provide for a broader audience considering the fact that it has some amazing features, including a business model which is build for an amazing listening experience.

The Overcast 3.0 was launched not so long ago on the App Store with a lot of improvements when it comes to episode management as well as some user interface changes which were specifically built at modernizing the interface in such a way that the app would seem brand new.

Overcast 3.0 saw some improvements in its subscription department as it comes with some astonishing new additions which complete the already existing ones in order to deliver a more refined product which also feels familiar to those who were already used to its traits.

The app might not have so many differences to the previous update which happened last spring but the visual tweaks added to it changed its appearance in order to befit the amazing iOS 10 software much better and provide a smoother browsing experience as a whole.

The launch icon was completely revamped as now it hosts a smaller circular shape. The subtle change will not go unnoticed as it already has a plethora of fans which have already downloaded it. The Overcast 3.0 is allowing its users to tweak with its play screen, settings as well as downloads. It even boasts with the ability to make recommendations which appear under the shape of cards which slide up from the bottom of the app.

Appearing in a card-like shape, developers sure did a great job in revamping the popular Overcast app and one should download it as soon as possible from the App Store in order to immerse themselves into a wide array of artists of one’s choice. Unlike any other music app, Overcast is extremely intuitive to use and comes with many degrees to which is can be customized.

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