Pokemon Go Hatching by Surprise?

Pokemon Go hype has gradually disappeared, but there are still loyal players who are obsessed with catching cute creatures and expand their collection. But the game isn’t all about hunting Pokemon, training them and sending them to battle. Niantic allows players to hatch eggs, but they need an incubator they’ll buy from the shop or get it for free by leveling up. However, in order to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go, players need to walk a specific distance, but some of them have reported that they hatched eggs without moving.

It seems that there is a glitch in the game, related to the phone’s GPS, as the tracking is inaccurate and instead of being fixed, it’s getting worse. Players have called it “GPS drift”, because it doesn’t provide accurate data from the GPS system and it’s not translated correctly into in-game movement.

GPS drift has existed in the game before, but in a small amount. The developers haven’t done anything about it, and now, things are getting out of control, because many players have reported that the app’s erratic location tracking is helping them to easily hatch eggs. “The GPS can’t find me too well in my work building,” said on player on Reddit, ahi explained that “I sit at a different desk every day and some spots are great for walking me in circles.”

The GPS drift is achieved differently on some phones. For example, owners of Samsung devices, especially Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, have used the trick to hatch eggs without moving, but an iPhone 5 owners was able to rank up fake steeps, too. It’s not sure if Niantic has fixed the GPS step tracking issue in the latest update, or if this is an isolated case that allowed some players to trick the system, but this is a serious problem and many players are taking advantage of it to hatch eggs without taking a single step.

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