Top Antivirus Apps for Android Available to Download

Mobile protection is just as important as computer protection. Just because a smartphone is significantly smaller than a PC doesn’t mean that hackers won’t try to cause harm and act in the detriment of mobile users. The problem with mobile security is that not a lot of people take this into account and often times they leave themselves vulnerable by not installing an antivirus for their handset. There is more than one antivirus software for Android devices, so we’re going to see what options users have in terms of bolstering their phone’s defenses.

360 Security


This app is a great solution against all kinds of outside threats. It allows you to scan your device and detect any malware infection that might have settled in. Also, it features real time protection which means that alerts will be sounding off immediately as there’s potential danger. This Android antivirus app will scan the entirety of your handset, including apps and games, not just files and folders. Aside from the protection features, it also includes some quality of life perks such as an anti theft feature and cleaning and performance boosting feature. If you’re not convinced by all those features, maybe you will be a little more inclined to give it a try after learning that over 100 million people have downloaded the app, making it a very popular choice among the Android user community.

Avira Antivirus Security


There is a free version of the app but there is also a paid version which costs $12/year. Avira’s antivirus solution comes with an array of features. Some of them are the standard features you might expect to see in an app like this, whereas others such as the ones that deal with blacklisting, privacy and even device management stand out. It also comes with a feature called the Stagefright Adviser. This is exactly what you might think it is, which is pretty intriguing considering we’re talking about an antivirus app.

TrustGo Anivirus and Mobile Security


This is a pretty light yet effect antivirus app. It comes with all the necessary functionalities and also includes some others that revolve around maintaining your phone’s wellbeing. You have “find my phone” features as well as features that let you manage your device and keep an eye on the kind of permissions that are being used by various apps.

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