5G Technology to be Developed by Intel and Ericsson

The tech giant Ericcson and the CPU producer Intel are now working together in order to release the 5G Innovators Initiative, also dubbed 5GI2. This partnership aims to study, test and create 5G networking, together with edge computing technologies, in collaboration with some industry and academic teams. The 5GI2 is based in the US and it will initially concentrate on investigating Industrial IoT (IIoT) apps. It will also get together several expertise from University of California Berkeley and Honeywell, GE.

An Intel press release showed that the initial projects include developing augmented and VR apps for drone surveillance of hazard environments. This open industry project will also extend to other industries, since more and more participants want to join it. It will also roll out to smart interconnected cities, autonomous driving or healthcare and media, besides other areas.

The release also informed us that the leaders are in favor of accessibility and transparency of their achievements in order to support the 5G industry and to validate other business models that are just emerging. Asha Keddy, who is the vice president at Intel and the general manager for the Next Generation Standards, said that the 5G project isn’t only about increasing the speed in smartphones. It also refers to machines or other tools that are the basis for a smarter and more connected future. The 5G future is based on a new mindset oriented towards collaboration and development among industries.

Ulf Ewaldsson works as a technology officer and a chief strategy for Ericsson and he says that their new plan is consistent with the previous 5G projects. He added that they are bringing together some necessary competence from various tech providers, partners in the industry, as well as in the academia, in order to find some appropriate solutions for digitizing and evolving.

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