Adobe Flash Player Latest Update Download Available for Windows

As many of you already know, Microsoft releases its security and bug fix updates for Windows machines on Tuesday. The company has named it the “Patch Tuesday” day, which usually takes place in the second Tuesday of the month.

Well, it seems that Microsoft is somehow changing this with the Windows 10.  The company has decided to skip February 2017’s Patch Tuesday and delay its update for an entire month. This was something strange for all of us, but according to Betanews, the company is not stopping all Windows updates.

Microsoft has released a new patch yesterday, which has brought some security updates that have solved some problems with the Adobe Flash Player. This information has been revealed from an email that the company has sent to its largest enterprise customers.

The email claims that the company plans to release security updates for Adobe Flash Player and that these updates will be offered for Windows 8.1, Windows 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Sever 2016 and Windows 10. In that specific email, Microsoft has also claimed that no other security updates are scheduled until March 14, 2017, when the Patch Tuesday occurs.

It’s not yet sure if Microsoft is fixing in the Flash updates and why it is exactly releasing these fixes instead of including others in the February 2017 Patch Tuesday.

So, if you just find a new update for your Windows computer, don’t be surprised. As for the March 2017 Patch Tuesday, we are not sure yet what new fixes it will come with, as there is still quite some time until then. However, in the meantime, we suggest you to install the latest update that Microsoft has released for your Windows machine in order to make sure that your Adobe Flash Player is secure.

What are your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player?

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