Google Earth Tips and Tricks to Have More Fun

Google Earth is a fantastic application that has both fun and educative elements to it. The latter being a much more predominant factor when it comes to people actually using Google Earth, it is great to see that a lot of people still enjoy using it, and that it’s still going after so many years since its original release.

That being said, there is no doubt that there are many newcomers to Google Earth, so they don’t know all the little tips and tricks that combined, really give it another shine. Even if you’re a veteran Google Earth user, you might still find some of these new and useful for you. Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got.

Time travel

Google Earth has a fancy feature that allows you to travel in time and see a location as it was back in a particular time period or year from the past. This is done by clicking the date which should normally be present on the bottom of the screen. By clicking it, you bring up the option of switching to a time traveler view and thus receiving access to images of how that specific location used to look a long time ago.

Distance ruler

Often times you might come across a location or a place on Google Earth that truly strikes your curiosity, and you want to know how big of a distance is between a certain point A and a certain point B. In this scenario, you can seamlessly open the Menu found on the top side, and select the ruler tool. Once that’s done, you can draw a line between the two points. This is a very good way of figuring how much distance is between locations or points of interest, as both a tourist or a local trying to shave some time off the commute to work.


The Layers system in Google Earth allows you to see just as much content as you want to. You can either turn off or on any particular element that you didn’t find that intriguing. You can see the glob from way up above, and starting with the little details such as city lights, you can alter all layers, which lets you see things in a far better perspective.

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