Google Earth’s Huge VR Revamp Allows you to Learn About the World

The world was once blown away by the sheer ingenuity of Google Earth. When this Google service first came to be, people all around the globe were mesmerized and forced to think about the possibilities of future technology. Fortunately for current generations, the future is here and it’s brought us some really nice goodies. One of them is Google Earth VR, the newest take on the Google software which lets you discover the globe.

For those of you that are not familiar, Google Earth is a program similar to how Google Maps works, except it only has one map: Earth. You can explore any nook and cranny on the planet thanks to the power of satellites and Google Street Cars. In Google Earth you are presented with real images of the locations you search for, and you could until now almost feel like you’re there thanks to the Google Street View.

For tech savvy consumers, “almost” isn’t good enough nowadays. Google complied and delivered a new app based on the rising VR technology. Google Earth VR offers a unique experience in which you really get to delve in and walk the streets of your favorite foreign city, or explore some curious corner of the wilderness.

Google Earth VR lets you fly along the skyscrapers or take the experience in by foot. It’s quite amazing what developers have achieved in creating, because it brings up endless possibilities. The potential for education that this tool has can lead to revolutionary reforms in education systems. We might soon enough see people learning geography by simply “Teleporting” to the place of study, through VR and Google VR.

It will be interesting to see what Google pioneers next, as the company has accustomed not just its user base, but the whole world with its innovative and groundbreaking nature.

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