Sony has announced The New Week Deals For PS4, PS3, And Vita

Every week, PS4, PS3, Vita owners find new deals in the PlayStation Store, which are recommended by critics. These deals will run until February 28, and the “Critics’ Choice” will include a series of discounted awesome video games, such as Titanfall 2 or Doom. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then you’ll get up to 70 percent off on a variety of titles.

If you’re not interested in the Academy Awards and you’re willing to skip them in order to play quality games on your PS4, PS3 or Vita console, then in the ongoing week, you’ll spend less money on the titles that are part of Critics’ Choice sales. As a Plus subscriber that owns a PS4 console, you’ll pay $25 on The Witcher 3’s Complete Edition, or $30 without Plus; $24 on Titanfall 2 ($30 without Plus); $10 on Darkest Dungeon ($12.49 without Plus), or $25 on Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition ($30 without Plus). Until February 28, the same list of discounted titles will also contain Dirt Rally and its new VR bundle.

When it comes to PS3 titles, these are the titles that might interest you: The Stick of Truth – $8 ($10 without Plus) and Diablo III’s Ultimate Evil Edition – $15 ($20 without Plus), while Vita owners can buy Severed for $4.50 ($6 without Plus) and Hotline Miami 2 for $7.50 ($9 without Plus).

EA is also running its own sale, but the prices are the same whether players don’t have a Plus membership. They can buy Battlefield for $30, while the bundle with Titanfall 2 costs only $49.49. Other great deals are Star Wars Battlefront’s season pass, whose price will drop to $15, while Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will cost only $10. Persona fans will spend $10 on Persona 3 Portable (for Vita and PSP), Persona 3 FES (PS3), and Persona 4 (PS3), while Persona 4 for Vita will cost $30.

The rest of PlayStation deals can be checked on their website.

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