WhatsApp Status Feature vs. Snapchat Stories – Is it the same?

There are great news for you if you are a WhatsApp user. Similar to how Snapchat is doing Stories, WhatsApp is now incorporating that idea into its brand new feature called Status. Of course, many might be wondering what Status is, exactly. The answer is quite simple. Status is a new tab in WhatsApp that allows you to display and share various types of information. The catch behind this is that the information you share will disappear after 24 hours.

According to WhatsApp officials, to be more specific its CEO Jan Koum, WhatsApp is bringing this new awesome feature as a celebratory present for users. The occasion marked by this release is the 8th birthday of the app, which is quite a lot. He also went on to say that not only is everything going to be gone in 24 hours, but it will also be encrypted. Yes, for those worried about security and privacy, the content displayed on the new Status tab will be encrypted, meaning that it won’t be that easy to get a hold off if you’re not authorized to do so.

This isn’t the first time we hear of WhatsApp’s Status feature. This has been highlighted some months ago, when September brought in the beta version of the feature for iOS. No longer in testing, the fully fledged Status is now coming to all WhatsApp supported platforms. This means that it will be accessible not only to iOS and Android users, but also to Windows users that are using the WhatsApp Web version of the software.

Ever since Facebook purchased WhatsApp for dizzying amounts of money, the company has been looking to bring forth capabilities and features that people were drawn to from other competing apps like Snapchat or Instagram. The new Status is a pretty good example of how Facebook has taken note of the popularity of the Stories feature and made it available in a similar form on WhatsApp.

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