Windows 10 Simple Tricks to Improve your Experience

Windows 10 has been out for a while and most people that don’t want to intentionally stick with an older version of the OS have by now upgraded to the latest iteration. Windows 10 is a mash between the iconic, classic elements of older Windows versions and the modern, edgy features that have distinguished themselves in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Operating Windows 10, or any Windows version for that matter is no rocket science. However, just like with anything else in life, there is a fine difference between the good users and the absolute masters. And that difference is a line representing small details and tricks that you can pull off to further improve your experience. Here are some of the things you can look into.

The Start menu

The Start menu is an iconic feature for Windows, and to see it removed in Windows 8 and then added back again in Windows 10 was quite a rollercoaster ride for most Windows users. That being said, it’s now back better than ever, and it even allows you to do so extensive customization although there might be a large number of users that aren’t aware of that.

You can drag the Start menu window from the corners and resize it to match your preferences. Also, you can pin and arrange app tiles there, and even set up categories for individual or groups of tiles.


Cortana is a digital voice assistant present within Windows 10. Marketed as a central piece in Microsoft’s newest Windows, Cortana can do quite a few things for you. However, you can customize Cortana so that it does even more. The Maps and Contacts apps contain options that let you share the data they collect with Cortana. This will let the assistant learn about your contacts and itineraries, so it can set up appointments, calls and even plan trips.

Multiple desktops

The desktop is not just our favorite place to download files to, but also where we keep all our more or less important app shortcuts and other stuff. You can consider the desktop as the command center if Windows 10 were a space ship. In that scenario, wouldn’t it be cool if you had multiple command centers? You can get multiple desktops by pressing the button located on your taskbar, then the Plus sign in the bottom right corner. Each desktop will contain its own open apps and tabs, depending on what you do on each of them. This can help you keep your PC super organized and segregate fun and leisure things from serious work things.

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