Android 8.0 to Come named as Oreo

Recently, Google has teamed up with Orea in order to develop a game for the Oreo Dunk Challenge campaign. In this game, players are able to throw a virtual cookie in the air and to aim a glass of milk in various locations across the world, where the cookie will land in. This collaboration between the two companies gave rise to speculations that the upcoming Android 8.0 “O” operating system will be named “Oreo”.

Android 7.0 Nougat is Google’s most recent operating system, which was upgraded to version 7.1.1. The list of new features include multi-window support, adjustable screen resolution, transparent App folders, Doze on the Go, bundled notifications, direct reply to messages, improved interface for Calendar apps etc. Currently, Nougat is running on 1 percent of all active Android devices and it’s slowly distributed to more flagships and new mid-rangers.

Now, all eyes are on the upcoming Android update, whose name could be “Oreo”. Speculations started after Hiroshi Lockheimer, the sitting Senior Vice President of Android at Google has tweeted a GIF of an Oreo-covered cheesecake. Was he teasing fans with the name of the upcoming Android 8.0, or he was referring to the game created by Google in collaboration with Oreo?

Lockheimer has previously given hints about the name of Android 7.0, suggesting that it will be called Nutella, but in the end, the operating system was released as Nougat. So, it’s kind of early to make any assumptions, but we can think of other dessert names that start with “o”, such as Oatmeal and Orange Crush.

Google will most likely unveil Android 0 at its I/O event in May, but until then, we will find out more details about the new features. At this moment, Google is testing Android 7.1.2 Nougat on its Pixel and XL devices, and one of the new features includes the ability to “swipe for notifications”, meaning that users are able to swipe across the sensor in order to have access to app alerts.

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