Firefox allows you to “Snooze” your Browser tab until later

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers out there, but this means that the developers will need to continuously improve their application in order to keep it up to date with the top trending features.

A new Firefox version has been released that allows you to “snooze” the browser’s tabs. If you are using a smartphone, then you already know what a “snooze” option does, but if you have no idea what that is, we will let you know above.

Firefox “SnoozeTabs” Feature: What’s That?

Mozilla has called the new experimental feature “SnoozeTabs” and it is only available in the Firefox Pilot Program (for now). The company claims that the new feature is part of its efforts to create a modern and more efficient browser.

Mozilla said that many users find an interesting article while surfing the internet, but they didn’t have the time to read all of it. Well, thanks to the “SnoozeTabs” feature, you will be able to just “dismiss” the page to keep your desktop from getting cluttered. At the same time, using this feature, you will be able to set a time for when the tab can reappear.

In the experimental Firefox build, you will notice a “Snooze” icon at the top right portion of the browser, where it is arrayed with the Bookmarks and Settings icons. By clicking on it, you will notice a dropdown menu where you will be able to select the time when the website/article can reappear.

To make things even better, you also have options that allow you to manage the snoozed tabs in order to open the manually when you have enough time for them.

Mozilla Firefox: How To Join The Pilot Experiment

In order to be able to access the “SnoozeTabs” feature, you will just need to install the “Test Pilot Add-on” (search for Firefox Testpilot on Google and you will find it). Once you install this add-on, just enable the “SnoozeTabs” feature and see how it works.

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