GTA Online Making Money Easy Tips and Tricks

The Grand Theft Auto series didn’t always have the amazing graphics it has today. Despite that however, it was always one of the video game series that felt more realistic, due to the subjects and stories that would go on in the game. The game that has spawned from GTA 5, GTA Online, is also betting on realism. To be more specific, players need to find ways to make money if they want to survive (just like real life). This might be quite the predicament for people that play casually and have no idea where and how to make money. Being low on cash is never a good deal, especially in GTA Online.

If you’ve run out of ways to make money or haven’t even started looking for some yet, we advise that you take a look at these top money earning methods for GTA Online.

Rob stores

Grocery stores and whatnot might pretend to be legitimate businesses that seek to earn a living and prosper in the economy, but that’s all a front. Their real purpose is to wait for someone in desperate need of money, and empty their cash registers for them under the threat of a lethal firearm. If that description sounds like you, then get to your local shop ASAP and get some of that free money.


Real-estate is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. And it’s no different when it comes to GTA Online. The game lets you invest in various properties, which in turn can score you a pretty nice paycheck. Don’t hesitate to cook up a business strategy and secure some important properties all across the city.


The one that puts oneself in risk to transport illegal cargo makes quite a pretty penny. That being said, you should get some trafficking jobs and start your grind throughout the city as the player that can transport anything. This will earn you a lot of money, but also street cred.

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