iPhone 8 Leaked to Come With a 3D Front Camera

Apple has released its first iPhone ten years ago. Since then, the popularity of this smartphone has exploded from year to year, and even if the latest two models didn’t bring too many big changes, fans still bought them. In 2017, Apple is prepared to create some buzz with the new additions, as the iPhone 8 is rumored to sport a bezel-less OLED display with a home button integrated into it, a glass back and many more.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the iPhone 8 will also have a revolutionary front camera that will be capable of capturing the user’s photo while playing a game, creating a 3D head of him/her and replacing the game character’s head with theirs. Apple will introduce a new infrared module that will be able to sense 3D objects captured in the lens and will merge 2D imagery with depth information.

This technology reportedly developed by PrimeSense will be used not only in gaming, but in augmented reality applications, facial recognition, or iris scanning, as well, and most likely, there will be plenty AR applications that will take advantage of it. Depth detection was firstly introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus, which has two cameras on its back that can determine the distance of an object captured by the lens, but the technology was at the early stage.

As for the 3D front camera of the iPhone 8, it will be leveraged by the infrared technology created by Lumentum. Foxconn will manufacture the IR transmitter and receiver, but the front camera will be built by Sony. Kuo said that “the 3D system works by sending invisible IR light signals outwards from the phone and then detecting the signals that bounce back off of objects using the 1.4 megapixel IR receiver”.

Other rumored specs of the iPhone 8 include a bezel-less design, two storage variants of 64GB and 256B and 3GB of RAM. The price of the flagship could go up to $1,000 for the 4.7-inch variant, making it the most expensive iPhone ever launched. The iPhone 8 is expected to be released this fall, in September, but the exact date hasn’t been established yet.

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