Minecraft Finally Receives Some Attention on Windows Phone Devices

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Minecraft seems like it’s struggling to live on Windows Mobile operated devices as the Developer Mojang has finally thought of giving fans of Minecraft who play the game on the aforementioned platform some much needed attention.

The current game version will have players access a wide array of new and important feature which brings the game closer to those which operate on other platforms. Not only will players have access to Minecraft’s  The End Region but will also have the ever so waited ability to access Realms multiplayer functionality.

This update regarding the Realms multiplayer basically translates into the fact that Minecraft players who opt to run the game on Windows Phone devices will now be able to log into official Mojang servers in other to play with other people who play Minecraft on other software such as Android, iPhone or the Windows version for desktops.

Updating for the Minecraft version ran under Windows Phone software was halted somewhere back in October last year and they have announced in a blogpost that the developer team is still experimenting and building their worlds just as intended but in order to have access to the latest Minecraft updates they have to update their versions of Windows 10 Mobile software.

Mojang have paired together with Mojang in order to form an alliance which will develop Minecraft’s ability to roll under multiple devices into a single centerpiece in order to get rid of differences which would block some of its features otherwise.

The game runs on different foundations when taking into consideration the current and original PC versions of the game as well as consoles and mobile versions. Mojang partnered with Microsoft for an amazing agreement which is promising to unite all Minecraft players onto a single version of the game which will receive updates in the same time irrespective of what operating system they use.

Such changes will only increase Mojang’s hit game popularity and judging by the fact that millions of people are playing it on a daily basis, they are sure to make some amazing improvements which will satisfy even the most pretentious of gamers.

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