Rockstar to take it slow with GTA 6 and add VR support

A new rumor has surfaced regarding the potential release of GTA 6 and when eager fans can expect the 6th installment in the franchise to make its debut. Given the anticipation behind them, Grand Theft Auto games have to bring cooler and better features each time, so they can surpass the previous iteration. Looking at the success and array of features in GTA 5, it almost comes as an obvious solution to spice GTA 6 up with some virtual reality. Rumors have it that Rockstar is taking their time with GTA 6 so that they can implement VR support and features into the game.

Why do that? Because VR is one of the most popular technologies on the market right now. Bringing that tech to GTA could be a very lucrative move, if executed correctly. It would be the largest VR gaming project after the already announced Fallout 4 VR which will allow players to experience the entire game in first person, in a VR setting. But making GTA 6 a VR game would no doubt require a huge budget, and rumors have it Rockstar can’t afford to spare the capital at the moment, given its implication in Red Dead Redemption 2.

When you look at the various titles released in the GTA franchise, you can that as they progress through time; they get more and more intricate, bigger in scale and ultimately more costly. No doubt that Rockstar has a word or two to say about the production costs of a game like GTA 5. However, given the massive revenue generated by these games, it would be highly unlikely to actually see the developer have something to complain about. Grand Theft Auto 5 was deemed one of the most successful games not only in its generation, but in all gaming history.

A large contributing factor to that is the large amount of hype put into the projects prior to launch. Given the kind of anticipation currently going on for GTA 6, we can expect at the very least a game equal in success as its predecessor. When it comes to the release of GTA 6, there’s not a whole lot that people know or can even expect.

There are various rumors flying around about the game, but nothing official has come from Rockstar other than the company is currently putting all its efforts into making Red Dead Redemption 2 a great release and sequel for the iconic console western.

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