Samsung Chromebook Plus Sweet Deal on Google Store

One has to bear in mind that the Chromebooks are lacking some powerful hardware taking into consideration that the Chrome OS doesn’t need a whole lot of kick in order to run smoothly. Samsung Chromebook Plus however is a little bit more expensive than most Chromebooks coming at a $449 price tag. The laptop is now available to be purchased at the Google Store with a nice discount of $20.

The Chromebook Plus is put straight into competition with mid-range laptops which operate on windows and taking into account this price tag, it offers some amazing specs. The display measures 2400 x 1600 in resolution and has 4GB of RAM. The whole device is powered by a custom ARM Processor called OP1 and has six cores.

The Plus version also comes with two USB Type-C connections as well as a headphone jack and a SD card reader. Take into account that the Chromebook Plus is pretty much the best bang for the buck and knowing that is powered by Chrome OS, it will run Android apps from the play store and it has a lot of functionality being a 2-1 convertible. It also comes with a stylus pen included which gives users the ability to draw on screen.

There are a lot of positive reviews for the Chromebook Plus as they all praise its amazing design and stylus functionality. The software powering the whole device is a little bit lackluster as most apps might seem to be a little bit slower to run in contrast with devices such as the Google Pixel XL.

The whole running experience is pretty good most of the time and a lot of tech enthusiasts have pointed out that the Plus version of the Chromebook runs Android apps a whole lot better than those who run on Windows OS. The Chromebooks is scheduled to hit the shelves somewhere in April and will cause a lot of hype among tech enthusiasts judging by its amazing functionality and features as well as amazing specs in accordance to its low price tag.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Chromebook Plus Sweet Deal on Google Store”

  1. Really wanted to wait for the Pro but on V day and a wife with an ailing iPad purchased the Plus and love this machine.

    Was a little worried as my wife’s first computer when she was a little girl was an Apple IIe and never had anything but Apple devices.

    Figured if she did not like I would just take it :). She loves it and the key was the keyboard. Unless they add a keyboard to the iPad there is zero chance she is going back.

    I have never been a fan of Windows and love Apple products. When the Apple products were state of the art the price was not a huge deal and there was no alternative. To me Macs were a big improvement in terms of user experience over Windows. I view Chromebooks the same without the cost over Macs and iPads.

    I am defining user experience in terms of malware and such more than anything. But also quick booting, long battery life, needing to constantly reboot for some new update, having a nice and safe app store, etc.

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