WhatsApp is the Biggest Chat App – Here’s how to get it on your Phone

When it comes to instant communication, hardly any app can do it as well as WhatsApp. The now Facebook owned app is home of a pretty large gathering. Want to know specifics? Well, it has been recorded that WhatsApp has 1.1 billion active users. You can only imagine the kind of popularity it takes to muster up those numbers. That being said, many people are still unfamiliar with the whole WhatsApp phenomenon. It’s never too late start your WhatsApp journey, and start communicating easier with all your friends and family members.

So how can I get WhatsApp?

Getting WhatsApp is fairly simple. Within just a few easy steps, you can start using the service and start conversations with your friends, send funny selfies and spice things up with an emoji or two. If that’s not enough, you can add a video in there as well, thanks to the instant video playback features that WhatsApp offers. Here’s how you can get WhatsApp and what you need to do it:

  • First off, you’ll going to need a smartphone. There really isn’t much point in thinking about WhatsApp if you don’t have a smartphone yet. The specifications on it don’t have to be stellar, and pretty much any smartphone available on the market right now will do just fine as the application isn’t a very consuming one phone resources-wise.
  • Once you get that down, open your platform’s app store. Most phones use either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android as operating systems. Opening the app store on both platforms is similar and users shouldn’t have a problem with it. Go to your app drawer and look for the appropriate app which will take you to the store. On the Google platform it’s called the Play Store, whereas on Apple devices you will come across the App Store.
  • Once you’re on the app store of your respective platform, simply use the search bar to search for WhatsApp. The results will most likely feature it, so tap on the WhatsApp results entry. The app’s page will display a lot of information such as details about when the app was made, screenshots from within the app, and others. There will also be a big button that says Install.
  • Tap the install button and proceed as per the received instructions. If you’ve never synced an Android phone with the Play Store, it will ask you to do so now. When that’s done, the app will be sent over to your device over the air. Just make sure you have your WiFi or mobile data enabled.

That’s about it. Now you should have WhatsApp installed on your handset, ready to go. WhatsApp is a great app that connects people, and the 10 minutes it takes to get it on your phone are definitely worth it.

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