3 Google Maps Tips and Tricks for an Enhanced Experience

Over the years, Google Maps has established itself as a dominant force in the world of navigation. We use the app to get from one destination to the next and at the same time, we also use it to find information about nearby attractions and places to eat, among others. But do you know that there are more ways you can enhance your Google Maps experience?

Make a contribution

No, contribution in this sense doesn’t refer to monetary support. Instead, you can offer up information to make Maps better. How can you do this? There are three ways:

  • Adding photos

Google Maps is already a visual beast but sometimes it helps to show a photo of a specific place like a store front to help other users. You can do this by searching for a place on the app then clicking on Add a photo. Drag the photo you’d like to upload or pick Choose photos to upload.

  • Adding reviews

Reviews help other people decide whether the place they are intending to go to is worth it or not. You can leave your own opinions for other to see but be aware that this is public and they can see your name. You can opt for an anonymous review in case you don’t want your identity revealed.

While one-word reviews like Awesome! is fine, it doesn’t really give that much information about the place. Good reviews are those which flesh out information to really give a future visitor a chance to visualize what’s there before deciding to head there. For example, you can talk about the look and feel of a restaurant you’re dining at and describe the dishes you ordered.

  • Fixing information

Maps can be made better thanks to user input. So if you ever spot something that’s not right, be it a road that doesn’t exist or an incorrect road name, don’t hesitate to send feedback. You can do this by choosing Menu > Send feedback > Edit the map then following the instructions then hit Submit once you’re done.

Curate a list

The List feature is a new addition to Google Maps. It basically allows you to add places to a specific list. There are pre-set list options like Want to Go but you can create your own.

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to Paris, France. You’ve seen lots of photos on Instagram of places you’d want to visit. You can add those locations into a list, say Instagrammy Paris Locations, for reference.

See train and bus departures

While this feature is not available for all destinations, it works for most popular locations. With this, you can plan your trip better knowing where the nearby departures are as well as the departures from specific stations.

Google Maps is without a doubt a useful tool whether you use it for planning a trip or everyday navigation. So make sure you get Google Maps on your device to make life easier.

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