Adobe Flash Player and iPad: A Rather Elusive Possibility

Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform plug-in that lets video streaming, playing animations and executing rich internet applications possible. But the relationship of users and the free software is not always a bed of roses, so to speak. Aside from security threat issues due to its vulnerability, it will not work on touch screens and has performance issues. These were what the late Apple co-founder disclosed for the iPad not supporting Flash.

Aside from these, playing Adobe Flash consumes much battery juice and yes, hackers use it to get into the systems and steal pertinent information. However, there are several options to enjoy Flash on your iPad.

Cloud Browse

With the use of a hosted Firefox, users can now view Flash content. This does not work the same as other web browsers which requires downloading web content to a separate server, and then to transferring it to a browser. The flaw here, though, is that there is lack of interaction by the user.

Puffin Web Browser

There are two versions of this software: free and paid versions. Among the Flash options, this is perhaps the best one for several reasons. First, it supports Flash videos and Flash games. Second, it offers better gaming experience via its virtual Gamepad and virtual Trackpad options. Third, it is fast and with excellent user interface.

Photon Browser

This browser lets you play games and watch Flash videos on your iPad and lets you enjoy its features. These include private browsing, tabbed web pages, anonymous and full screen browsing, bookmarks and ability to print. Moreover, this software has several settings that allow separating video and game modes and using the on-screen keyboard to input commands.

While it is not still possible to enjoy Adobe Flash Player on your iPad and the chances are slim on this ever happening, Adobe Systems continue to release updates on its products. In November last year, updates were made available for Mac OS. These include fixes for the identified plug-in vulnerability. It’s recommended to update to a later version to for the changes. For wary users, however, there are Adobe Flash Player alternatives available for the year 2017.

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