Clash of Clans “The Healing Event” update

It’s been confirmed that Clash of Clans will be getting a special event very soon. The event is being called the “The Healing Spell” where the cost of Witches is being dramatically slashed. The discount on Witches will increase with the Town Hall level. This event is also coming with a way to obtain free gems and bonus experience.

Players also have the chance to earn some free gems by winning three multiplayer battles while hacing a Witch on the team. Completing this objective will reward players with 300 experience and 30 gems. This special reward is expected to be around until Sunday this week as the Healing Spell Event began earlier this week on Tuesday.

Unlike other troop events, no challenge was released alongside the event. Despite this, a Elixir discount is currently available for the final few days of the event.

A February patch is also expected to arrive layer this month and new features have been discovered in the coding. According to these new lines in the code, Supercell is planning to add Water Battles to the game in the near future. The developers have added other dimensions to battles in the past so it makes sense that Supercell are also looking to bring Water Battles to the game.

Clues to the Water Battles have been found various times in the coding over the past few months. This includes references to Shipyards and other aquatic based structures. Supercell has not officially confirmed Water Battles however but the developer is expected to make the reveal very soon.

Clash of Clans has managed to retain a high number of players over the years and this is mostly through consistent updates. Players should expect to see a new update coming very soon meanwhile, the Healing Spell event should help tide things over until the Water Battle update arrives.

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