Fire Emblem Heroes upcoming update

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Fire Emblem Heroes was releases earlier this month and it’s become one of the most popular mobile games currently available. While the game is slowly losing players, Nintendo is going to need to step up their game byt adding new content to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Several new additions for the game have been confirmed to be coming to the game:

  • Units will be able to earn EXP against all units in the game including weaker ones.
  • The App Release Bonus will be extended to March 14th
  • The Worldwide Launch Celebration will be around for quite a few more weeks
  • Rewards are being added to the Training Tower

This upcoming content has all been confirmed by Nintendo but the developer is expected to release new content for the game very soon. There have been no confirmationd about what players can expect over the next few months but various rumors currently persist.

Accoring to the rumors, Fire Emblem Heroes will be getting several new heroes. Who these new characters are is still uncertain and the rumors don’t point towards specific characters. They will most likely be other popular characters from the Fire Emblem universe. New skills are also expected to be added to the game in the near future.

One of the biggest new additions to the game will be the new game modes. In an interview with IG, the game director Kouhei Maeda confirmed that news game modes will be coming to the game in the future. These new game modes will be different to the current modes in the game however, there is no word on what they may be.

Nintendo will release more information about the upcoming features to Fire Emblem Heroes at a later date. More rumors will begin apearing over the next few weeks and insiders at Nintendo will slowly leak information as they work on the game.

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